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High Density Multilayer Printed Wiring Boards Using UTC as the Surface Layer

T. Hanabusa, K. Yamamoto, M. Yamashita, K. Takagi

High density packaging mounted VLSI demand highly dense and highly accurate multilayer printed wiring boards. The authors have studied Ultra Thin Copper (UTC) technology of…

A Review of Electroless Gold Deposition Processes

H.O. Ali, I.R.A. Christie

The literature on electroless gold deposition processes is reviewed both with respect to bath formulation and the kinetics of the electrochemical reduction and oxidation reactions…

Vapour Phase Soldering of SMDs—Reliability Characteristics

G. Caswell

This paper will outline a viable, in use, production process that focuses on the utilisation of vapour phase soldering. The process will address the soldering of surface mounted…

The Nature of Insoluble Residues Formed on Printed Circuits Soldered with Rosin Fluxes

D.G. Lovering

Insoluble residues may be formed for a number of reasons as a result of flux‐solder‐conductor reactions occurring during the crucial operation of soldering, in which both metals…

An Unsymmetric Metal Base PWB—Design Parameters and Thermal Considerations

G. Flodman

A new central processor for the AXE telephone switching system was developed. Using surface mounting on a metal base board a large reduction of size was obtained coupled to an…

Understanding Electrical Measurements of Printed Circuit Boards

H.G. Manfield

Electrical testing of PCBs is important to ensure the maintenance of adequate insulation between tracks and from side to side of the boards; the properties of the base materials…

Rheology Testing of Multilayer Prepregs

J. Carreman

To meet higher requirements on multilayer PCBs, good control of the prepreg parameters is essential. The standard prepreg tests of gel time and flow are insufficient. New test…

The Theory of Cleaning: Part 1

B.N. Ellis

A theoretical treatise will be presented in two parts focusing on the mechanics, physics and chemistry of cleaning (in simple terms) of electronics components and assemblies.

Overcoming Thermal Problems in Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards

A.J. Dane

This paper will attempt to highlight significant problems of a thermal nature, encountered during 17 years' extensive use of multilayer printed circuit boards in high technology…

The Fourth Electronic Revolution

M.G. Sage

The electronics industry is now entering a phase in its development where significant increases in the use of its products (in volume terms) will take place. This growth…


Quintec Manufacturing Company, Anaheim, S. California

Lorna Cullen

Orange County, currently boasting around two million highly independent and diverse inhabitants, is wedged between the United States' third largest metropolis (Los Angeles) and…

Zero Defects Inc., Santa Clara, N. California

Lorna Cullen

Moving further north in California to the San Mateo Peninsula we arrive at California's premier high technology industrial zone familiarly and universally known as Silicon Valley…

Circuit Technology '85—The Success Story Continues

Since its inception in 1983, Circuit Technology has witnessed a considerable growth in terms of the number of exhibiting companies, the total of visitors attending and the…

ICT News

The Oxford Moat House was the venue for a Dinner Dance on Saturday 23rd March, organised by Mr John Russell of the ICT Council. This, the first, hopefully, of many such…

International institute news

The CCA is a non‐profit organisation composed of member companies within the state of California, aimed at providing an environment for information exchange between individuals…

Industry news

Multicore Solders Ltd are pleased to announce that Jack Saw, Paul Salmon, Gordon Clarke and Tom Perrett have joined their commercial division. The decision of Billiton Solders…

New products

The Electroplating Products and Equipment Business Area of Degussa AG, Frankfurt am Main, Federal Republic of Germany, has begun to supply a new selective electroplating plant…

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