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Mechanical processing of copper‐clad laminates

H.R. Shemilt

In this series of articles on printed circuit troubleshooting, the author in this issue of the journal focuses his attention on the mechanical aspects of printed circuit board…

National and International Committees for Printed Wiring: 4—The Printed Circuit Manufacturers Group of the Radio and Electronic Components Manufacturing Federation

P.A. Trigg

In this issue of the Journal we continue with our series on National and International Committees for Printed Wiring by examining the work carried out by the Radio and Electronic…

Products ♦ Processes ♦ Materials ♦ Equipment

The Electrovert Electrotrim is a new manually operated off‐line system for lead trimming pcb's after the soldering operation. It is designed to meet cutting tolerances of industry…

Round the circuit

An intensive 2½ day short course on Printed Circuit Design will be held at the Sheraton Hotel, Copenhagen, on September 3–5th and repeated at the Lendi Hotel, Brussels on October…

Association news

The Second Annual Symposium of the Association took place at Brunei University on 11th July, 1975. Among the delegates who attended, totalling nearly 80, were visitors from…

Effective management controls

R. Josephs

From all the modern management echniques which have been developed, two clear divisions of controls have emerged; the control which is applied before the event and that which is…

An application of automatic test equipment for detecting and identifying faults on printed circuit boards before functional testing

R.S. Lester

The installation of automatic test equipment can result in substantial savings in fault diagnosis costs if the equipment is able to identify faults down to component level. Types…

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