Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 9 Issue 5


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How Coke Markets to the World: An Interview With Marketing Executive Ira C. Herbert

Ira C. Herbert, The Coca‐Cola Company's chief marketing officer, reveals how Coke tailors its global marketing strategy to satisfy the tastes of 155 nations.


Planning Your Global Financial Strategy

Roy C. Smith

Today's corporations have a host of new financial choices at their disposal. As a result of these alternatives, your company may have also decided to reconsider its overall…

Building Successful Global Partnerships: An Interview With Hercules CEO David S. Hollingsworth

For corporations that are considering a global joint venture, take a look at the strategy used by Hercules Inc. This company has had a history of successful international…

Targeting the Affluent Consumer

Thomas J. Stanley

Marketing to America's affluent consumers is no easy task. However, there is a significant segment of high‐income consumers who are rarely prospected. Here's how to target these…


This article has been withdrawn as it was published elsewhere and accidentally duplicated. The original article can be seen here: 10.1108/eb039237. When citing the article, please…

How Small‐Share Firms Can Uncover Winning Strategies

John L. Ward, Stanley F. Stasch

Can small‐share firms step out of the shadow of the market leader? Yes. Here is how to evaluate a strategy's potential success.

Profiting From the Turmoil in Service Industries

Evan Dudik

The turmoil in today's service industries may prove to be the dawn of a renaissance for bold companies with strategic vision.

A New Approach to Strategic Forecasting

Barbara G. Cohen

Projecting demand can be made more credible and insightful for developing strategy when it is based on an understanding of underlying drivers. These include societal trends…

Acquiring the Right Company

Zane Markowitz

Not only do you need to know what you want to acquire, but also why.

How to Gap Overhead Expenses

Eugene F. Finkin

Every item in your company's list of overhead accounts should be subject to question. The fact that a practice is of long standing is not an acceptable reason to continue that…

Putting Information Technology to Work

G. Michael Ashmore

Information technology planning plays two crucial roles in successful businesses: It is a partner to business planning in establishing business vision and setting strategy, and it…

Presentations That Persuade

Frank K. Sonnenberg

Much is at stake in making presentations. One rarely has a second chance to sell a product, service, or idea; persuade a board of directors to enter a new venture; convince…

Overcoming Manufacturing Myopia

Robert A. King

Consider this all‐too‐common scenario: A manufacturer, a division of a holding company, is run by the numbers. As long as the division throws off cash, corporate leaves it alone…

Tax‐Distorted Mergers

Kenneth M. Davidson

It is not news that tax laws can affect mergers. How they affect them is a matter of some debate. This column looks at two broad components of recent tax law because they may have…

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