Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 9 Issue 4


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The Mind Is the Ultimate Battlefield: An Interview with Master Marketer Al Ries

Before marketers can even attempt to reach the consumer, they must first neutralise the competition. Only then can they launch an attack in a mental battlefield.

Linking Sports and Sponsors

Del Wilber

Over 3,500 companies will be involved in sports marketing programs this year. They see tangible benefits to link their product with a sports promotion.


People Productivity: Marketing's Most Valuable Asset

A.J. Magrath

Marketing managements attempt to lower sales costs, expand distribution, and speed up product development cycles. But how can marketers themselves add value to the productivity…

Federal Express Spreads Its Wings: An Interview With GEO Frederick W. Smith

Federal Express has become a fifty‐ to 500‐mile‐an‐hour warehouse. And it could well offer innovative distribution methods that have strategic opportunities for your business.

The Care and Feeding of Advisory Boards

Robert K. Mueller

Corporate advisory boards are not subject to the same liability exposure as directors. At the same time, they offer a valuable governance resource—if they are properly nurtured.

Remove Your Business Blinders—And View the Future

Carol L. Colman, Kenneth R. Hey

Digesting too much information—as well as neglecting key bits of information—often prevents companies from capitalising on emerging opportunities. What is taking place in Japan is…

Four Ways to Finance Your Exports

R. Michael Rice

Many companies would like to distribute their products to an international marketplace. Financing, however, may be a problem. Here are some ways to overcome this.

Organizing for New Product Development

Christopher K. Bart

The promise seen in new venture units is alluring.

How Manufacturers Can Move Into the Service Business

Irving D. Canton

Product knowledge and customer bases can help position manufacturers to sell their services. Here are some methods to identify and pursue new service venture strategies.

A Growth Strategy for Start‐up Businesses

Dale E. Mitchell

The most successful start‐up businesses are those whose founders integrate their personal goals into the strategy and ongoing operations of the company.

Planning on the Run

G. Lynn Shostack

Think about the man in the circus whose act consists of keeping a dozen plates spinning atop a line of bamboo poles. Watch him run from pole to pole. It's as good a visual…

A Different Outlook for Multinational Companies

David A. Heenan

Today, governments and foreign‐based corporations acknowledge their mutual interests. This is a shocking turnabout for many leaders in business and government. Not long ago…

Employees—Strategy Makers or Breakers

David W. Rhodes

The raw truth is that in order to implement its strategy successfully, management must gain and keep employee support. But what do you do about organizations that:

How to Work With Your Investment Bankers

Robert Lawrence Kuhn

Investment bankers have been catching it of late. They are having a hard time, what with insider trading scandals, market meltdowns, junk bonds castigation, and congressional…

Raising Capital Through Private Placements

Lon W. Taylor

If you're a prudent entrepreneur, you'll seek capital using the most efficient, least costly path available. Yet you might find your opportunities blocked. Investment bankers may…

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