Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 9 Issue 3


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Building a Business Intelligence System

Jan P. Herring

To compete more effectively with global challengers, U.S. companies must begin to develop corporate intelligence systems.


Who Are Your Future Competitors?

William E. Rothschild

As industries restructure and new challengers emerge in established markets, it is vital to strategically assess these nontraditional competitors.

The Multiple Benefits of Competitor Intelligence

Dominick B. Attanasio

Members of a corporation—from product development managers to the board of directors—can use competitive intelligence to improve their decision making.

Charting a Future Course in Information Technology: An Interview With John Diebold

For the past thirty‐four years, John Diebold's insights into the technology industry have proved invaluable to business planners.

How Entrepreneurs Can Survive Capital Crises

Jeremy Wiesen

Even though today's market is a poor one for IPOs, a number of financial strategies can bolster a company to help it go public in the future.

Identity Strategies That Make a Difference

Laurence D. Ackerman

Corporate identity can set a company apart from competition in a way that is hard to duplicate. The result can be a host of profitable benefits.

Is Your Company Marketing Oriented?

Gordon Canning

In recent years, corporate management has come to recognise that the most successful companies are those with a clear marketing orientation.

Product Development Strategies for High‐Tech Industries

Dean M. Schroeder, Robert Hopley

With customer needs changing so rapidly, can high‐tech companies develop strategies to succeed in their markets?


Fostering Intrapreneurship: The New Competitive Edge

Erik G. Rule, Donald W. Irwin

How to cultivate innovation and creativity within the corporate structure.


Bringing Information Technology to Life

G. Michael Ashmore

Information technology planning is quite possibly the most challenging task in business today; certainly it is one of the least understood.

Expense Control in Sales and Marketing

Eugene F. Finkin

The most important question to ask when looking into cost reduction and control of sales and marketing is: How many separate sales organizations should be maintained…

The Acquisition Risk

Kenneth M. Davidson

Can you make money through acquisitions? Despite thousands of mergers over the past two decades and scores of economic studies, there is remarkably little good information on this…

Relationship Management Is More Than Wining and Dining

Frank K. Sonnenberg

In the halls of every organization, the same frustrations can be heard: “Our sales costs are skyrocketing. How can we make our marketing dollars go further?” “Our competitors seem…

How to Encourage Employee Motivation

Anthony Di Primio

What is the most critical productive resource that determines the efficiency and ultimately the success or failure of an organization? The answer is: people. This is almost…

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