Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 9 Issue 2


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Investor Relations as a Competitive Weapon

James J. Roop, Stephen F. Lee

A truly powerful investor relations program can reach far beyond the financial community to a company's many other constituencies.

Taking a Strategic Approach to International IR

William F. Brantley

International investor relations can help a company position itself to investors who, unlike those in the United States, tend to be more long‐term oriented.

Broadening Your IR Perspective

John F. Budd

For investor relations to work effectively, it must be folded into a company's total communications program.

Lessons From a Successful Intrapreneur: An Interview With Post‐it Notes' Inventor Art Fry

The Post‐it Notes' success was the result of the creative vision of man and a corporation renowned for innovation.

The Leveraged Recap: Controversial New Defense Maneuver

Rhonda F. Teters

A highly leveraged company is less likely to be a takeover target. But are the risks too high?

Winning Turnaround Strategies at Black & Decker: An Interview With Marketing Executive Gary T. DiCamillo

Black & Decker, like many U.S. companies, found the Japanese cutting away at its market share. Carefully crafted strategies are building it back.

Understanding Organizational Power

David R. Vincent

The power available to corporate executives stems from a new set of ethics.

Gaining the Service Quality Advantage

William A. Sherden

Companies that achieve a very high degree of service quality in their approach to doing business will gain incalculable benefits.

The Courtship of the Multinational Corporation

David A. Heenan

Who can forget Bhopal? The December 1984 catastrophe claimed more than 2,850 lives and left tens of thousands injured. Yet, despite these tragic consequences, Indian Prime…

Raising Capital Through IPOs

Lon W. Taylor

Going public with a new stock issue is a satisfying, perplexing, and complicated process, with an aura of mystery and potential for pitfalls. As a method for capital infusion…

Can HR Respond to Corporate Strategy?

David W. Rhodes

Human resources (HR) executives have traditionally avoided taking center stage in dealing with management. In most cases, in fact, they stay off the stage entirely, handling…

A Turnaround Is a Delicate Operation

G. Lynn Shostack

Any manager who takes on a money‐losing operation soon learns the difference between turnaround theory and reality. In theory, you turn a business around by analyzing the numbers…

Creative Strategic Management

Robert Lawrence Kuhn

Strategic management is the process by which a company's strengths and weaknesses are mapped onto its market opportunities and threats. The purpose of this orderly, logical…

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