Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 45 Issue 3


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Regenerating after a global crisis: a case study of resilience

Anne-Sophie Thelisson, Olivier Meier

Organizational resilience, defined by a firm’s speed in reaching a dynamic equilibrium after a shock and after the shocks are absorbed, and crisis management are critical in a…


Who is making the decisions? How retail managers can use the power of ChatGPT

Anuj Kumar, Nimit Gupta, Gautam Bapat

This paper aims to explore ChatGPT’s (generative pre-trained transformers) potential as a tool for retailers to improve customer experience and boost sales. While it provides…


Countering disruptive technologies and entrants: Fujifilm prevails

Nitin Pangarkar, Rohit Prabhudesai

This paper argues that when incumbent firms counter disruptive threats head-on, they may fail to develop the required new skills. This paper aims to propose an adjacent strategy…

Business meetings in the metaverse: stakeholder views evolve

Maxime Besson, Stephanie Gauttier

Organizations have started using the metaverse to sell non-fungible tokens, execute engineering processes and conduct business meetings. A condition of creating value by moving…

Managing geopolitical risks: the global oil and gas industry plays a winning game

Jonas Gamso, Andrew Inkpen, Kannan Ramaswamy

Geopolitical risks associated with the return of great power politics and growing nationalism have generated new challenges for foreign investors across industries. Oil and gas…


Leadership and communication: how to assess executive skills

Adam Biggs, Scott Johnston, Dale Russell

Leadership assessment programs are intended to ensure that the organization retains or hires high-quality leadership. Among the many skills that must be included, executive…


Gaming and luxury brands: love and hate

Alice Guzzetti, Roberta Crespi, Glyn Atwal

The purpose of this exploratory study is to identify the antecedents of brand hate in respect to luxury brand gamification marketing activities.


Transforming boundaries: how does ChatGPT change knowledge work?

Paavo Ritala, Mika Ruokonen, Laavanya Ramaul

This paper aims to demonstrate how the new generative artificial intelligence (AI) tool ChatGPT changes knowledge work for individuals and what are the implications of this change…

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