Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 45 Issue 2


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The social media industry: where is it heading?

Yanli Zhang, Huy Will Nguyen, Young Hoon Jung, Isabelle Yi Ren

The social media industry has entered a new stage with intensifying competition and heightened uncertainty about future directions. The purpose of this paper is to provide…


Strategic planning: how it helped to resolve conflict in a new international joint venture

Thomaz Wood Jr., Marco Pasturino, Miguel P. Caldas

The purpose of this study is to show how strategic planning can play multiple roles in the context of conflict between two controlling shareholders in a new joint venture.

When the hierarchy folds: how employees may react

Bertrand Audrin, Stefano Borzillo, Steffen Raub

This paper aims to uncover how employees make sense of the implementation of holacracy in their organization.

Effective integration of artificial intelligence: key axes for business strategy

Josep Alet

This paper aims to explore the dimensions that foster the effectiveness of artificial intelligence (AI) within a business strategy.

Overconfident executives: do they wreak havoc or inspire the troops?

Sebastian Schneck, Julia Hautz

This study aims to explain the cognitive bias of overconfidence and portray the different ways in which overconfident top managers may affect firm outcomes. This paper outlines…

Resilience and performance: capturing their synergy for ongoing success

Jacques Bughin

Most companies struggle to meet the dual goals of sustaining competitive advantage and ensuring high resilience during crises. Those that do, research tells, adapt their…

Flexible work systems: preparing employees for the new normal

Jungmin (Jamie) Seo, Ellen Eun Kyoo Kim

This paper aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the challenges and employee development strategies for executives and managers when managing flexible work systems.

Making an M&A work: equal strategic partnerships smooth the path

Viktor Ström, Pontus Braunerhjelm, Saeid Esmaeilzadeh

By providing equal weight to buyers and sellers, the purpose of this paper is to enhance our understanding of the determinants underlying successful mergers and acquisitions…

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