Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 44 Issue 6


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Coming out ahead while losing a partner: the Thoroughbred industry stays on course

Darcy Fudge Kamal, Cristina Nistor, Charu Sinha

In many industries, firms collaborate as business partners, which helps them achieve superior outcomes and ensure survival in a crisis. Business relationships help companies…

Crisis response: design thinking can smooth disruptions

Ashten Duncan, Kevin Lehnert, Hollie Blagg

Small business capabilities and customer interactions are particularly susceptible to market disruptions. Small businesses must pivot quickly to build or grow their capabilities…


Barbarians inside the gates: how private equity firms create value

Peter M. Krysta, Janina Jauch-Degenkolb, Dominik K. Kanbach

Facing increased asset prices and growing competition, private equity firms needed to innovate their established business model and shift from focusing on financial engineering to…

Cooling off innovation hotspots: smaller businesses need to look wide and deep

Kanhaiya Kumar Sinha, Chad Saunders, Simon Oliver Raby

This paper aims to provide evidence-based managerial advice for identifying, developing and managing a broad-based innovation system for organizations to reap optimal performance…

Keeping a lower profile: how firms can reduce their digital carbon footprints

Thomas W. Jackson, Ian Richard Hodgkinson

In the pursuit of net-zero, the decarbonization activities of organizations are a critical feature of any sustainability strategy. However, government policy and recent…


A practical guide for practitioners seeking to create value with big data

Pierre Dal Zotto

Practitioners, despite competing in a difficult environment, struggle to understand or implement researchers’ findings that may support the development of sustainable competitive…

Customer obsession – the springboard for a value creation strategy

Art T. Weinstein

Customer-obsessed organizations put customers first, create exceptional value and enhance business performance. This paper aims to offer a framework for implementing the customer…

Death bells? Branding in the age of smartphones and AI

Chiranjeev S. Kohli, Mahdi Ebrahimi, Neil Granitz

Branding has arguably been the most crucial marketing pillar in the twentieth century. It was effective because of existing consumer behavior, which was constrained by the…


Experimentation capability for a circular economy: a practical guide

Nancy Bocken, Jan Konietzko

To meet their ambitious targets for a circular economy, multinationals need to speed up their innovation efforts. This requires experimentation capability. But it is not clear…


Developing a shared vision: strong teams have the power

Federico Paolo Zasa, Tommaso Buganza

In response to environmental uncertainty, organizations rely on independent, empowered teams to increase their responsiveness to change. The purpose of this paper is to analyze…


At the crossroads: generative AI and corporate risk management

Peter Buell Hirsch

This study aims to identify the risks to corporate reputation presented by deepfakes and how to manage them.

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