Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 44 Issue 3


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Metaverse – the new marketing universe

Svend Hollensen, Philip Kotler, Marc Oliver Opresnik

This study aims to present and explain the concept of Metaverse, which will revolutionize nearly every industry and can be regarded as the 3D version of the internet. Especially…


Artificial intelligence: a strategy to harness its power through organizational learning

Mohammad Hossein Jarrahi, Sarah Kenyon, Ashley Brown, Chelsea Donahue, Chris Wicher

The purpose of this paper is to present a framework that captures the strategic value of artificial intelligence (AI) systems. Although AI has become a crucial component of…


When do we eat? Food ordering platform strategies

Meenakshi N.

Food ordering apps have registered phenomenal growth during the pandemic and will continue to register high growth in the years to come. This paper has three objectives: first, to…


Launching the Internet of Things: how to ensure a successful debut

Gregory Gimpel, Candice M. Vander Weerdt

Companies that leverage the Internet-of-things (IoT) will gain significant competitive advantages over the competition; however, few businesses have active IoT initiatives. This…


The mysterious world of airline pricing: innovative practices and strategies for profit

Chiranjeev S. Kohli, Mohammad Reza Habibi

Business success and pricing are very closely intertwined. This study aims to explain how businesses can improve their profitability by relying on creative pricing strategies that…


Serving the low-income consumer in a rich economy: Dollar General racks up sales

Glyn Atwal, Douglas Bryson

The conceptualization of the Base of Pyramid (BOP) proposes that low-income markets can lead to profitable opportunities for businesses. The purpose of this study is to identify…

The leopard’s spots: changing change management

Peter Buell Hirsch

This study aims to discuss the tension between the almost universal existence of ongoing change management initiatives, the speed of C Suite transitions and the shrinking of…

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