Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 43 Issue 6


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The new retail model: global reach demands omni-channels

Guillaume Do Vale, Isabelle Collin-Lachaud, Xavier Lecocq

To cope with online competitors and new consumer behaviors, retailers need to hybrid digital and physical offerings to implement an omni-channel business model. This constitutes a…


China-plus-one: expanding global value chains

Preetam Basu, Partha Ray

China has emerged as an undisputed leader of global business and as a preferred hub for global value chains. However, recent threats of the trade war, the allegation of violation…


Competitive empathy: sharing values and strategies with rivals

Antonio Ghezzi

This study aims to introduce the original idea of competitive empathy, to go beyond competitive advantage and help managers and entrepreneurs strategize with a shared purpose.


Turning disruption into growth opportunity: the red team strategy

Sunny Li Sun, Yanli Zhang, Zhu Zhu

The purpose of this paper is to propose a broadened and integrated red team strategy with concrete steps to help companies better deal with the disruptive forces prevalent in the…


Who’s making the decisions? How managers can harness artificial intelligence and remain in charge

Pooya Tabesh

While it is evident that the introduction of machine learning and the availability of big data have revolutionized various organizational operations and processes, existing…


World’s biggest retailer launches Walmart Plus and customers have their say

Art T. Weinstein, Kristen Anti, Esteban Ochoa

The Covid crisis led to a huge worldwide shift in consumer behavior. In response, Walmart’s revised business strategy promoted their online delivery service known as Walmart Plus…


Customer experience can play a strategic role for wineries

Antonella Angelini, Annalisa Gilli

This paper aims to consider how customer experience can be used by wineries to enrich their value proposition and improve their competitive advantage.


Memoryscape: how managers can create lasting customer experiences

Rod McColl, Jan Mattsson, Kathleen Charters

A detailed conceptualization of how service experiences are transformed into a memory and the circumstances surrounding a memorable experience is not available in the customer…

The serpent under it: cognitive bias in ethics and compliance training

Peter Buell Hirsch

This study aims to demonstrate the importance of behavioral science in the design of ethics and compliance training.

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