Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 43 Issue 4


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A global race to dominate the internet of things: how China caught up

Zhou Zhang, Xiaoping Li, Jie Xiong, Jie Yan, Lu Xu, Ruoxi Wang

In the ongoing Industry 4.0 era, the internet of things (IoT) has become a global race in the current information technology climate. However, little is understood about the…

Auto makers and radical innovation: culture, capital and talent form road blocks

Fabian Hoeft

This paper aims to investigate car manufacturers’ constraints to innovate radically.


Disappearing natural resources: what flowers tell us about new value chains

Guillaume Carton, Julia Parigot

This paper aims to question the capacity of firms embedded in global value chains to manage their natural resources in a sustainable way. Thus, it offers guidelines for more…


The innovation pyramid: five approaches to strategic decision-making

Manuel Hensmans

The innovation pyramid presented in this paper ranks innovation types in terms of their capacity to provide organizations with a long-term commercialization advantage.


The sharing economy: a hedge against recession setbacks

Mohammad Reza Habibi, Chiranjeev S. Kohli

This paper aims to provide lessons from the emergence of the sharing economy after the 2008 recession and helps managers prepare more effectively for recessions in the future.


Blockchain in your grocery basket: trust and traceability as a strategy

Ghassan Yacoub, Maria Castillo

The purpose of this paper is to gain insights and explicate how blockchain technology enables trust and traceability building from a real business use case.

Failed synergy from brand alliance: what Volvo learned in China?

Xinyu Guo, Yan Meng, Jie Xiong

Brand alliance strategy is a popular strategy for multinational enterprises entering foreign markets, especially when domestic firms in the host market have a relatively weaker…

The dog that didn’t bark: corporate profits and the future of labor relations

Peter Buell Hirsch

This paper aims to review trends in labor relations and reconsider the value of bringing the works council model to the United States.

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