Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 43 Issue 2


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The driving mindsets of innovation: curiosity, creativity and clarity

Christian Walsh, Paul Knott, Jamie Collins

Innovation is an essential process for growth and well-being of organisations and society in general but is difficult to manage successfully. Through a better understanding of the…


Innovation in an authoritarian society: China during the pandemic crisis

Jie Xiong, Jie Yan, Kun Fu, Ke Wang, Yuanqiong He

This paper aims to understand the role of government played in the innovation process during the social crisis, and to investigate the innovation activities of the authoritarian…


M&As in Germany: measuring success for the pharma and biotech industries

Damian Leschik, Robert Rossberger, Eddie Oczkowski

This study aims to identify and assess the use of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) performance metrics for small- and medium-sized German pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies…


Escaping the niche: how one company broke the mold

Chethan D. Srikant, Patrick Donovan

Companies may spend capital and effort to ensure the survival within their niche but have limited capacity to expand into other niches or broaden their target segment. This paper…


Customer experience management: asking the right questions

Ian R. Hodgkinson, Thomas W. Jackson, Andrew A. West

Customer experience is more critical than ever to firms’ successes and future growth opportunities. Typically measured through aggregate satisfaction scores, businesses have been…


Risk-managing the business model: locating tripwires at the start

Michael Braun, Benedetto Cannatelli, Mario Molteni

This paper aims to address risks inherent in business model innovation. The authors make the case that entrepreneurs and managers, in relying on sources of innovation when…

The booming eSports market: a field day for fans

Kevin Lehnert, Anna Walz, Ryan Christianson

This paper aims to explore the emerging market of video game streaming and eSports to provide readers with an understanding of the nature and content of this quickly growing…


The new not normal

Peter Buell Hirsch

This study aims to examine the impact of an extended multi-year COVID-19 pandemic on corporate planning.

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