Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 42 Issue 1


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Content and the customer: inbound ad strategies gain traction

Kevin Lehnert, Sarah Goupil, Pete Brand

Marketing has radically changed in the past few years. With the rise of digital marketing, search technology, blogging and podcasts, consumer access to information and content has…


Surviving disruption: the grocer's tale

Amy Blitz

The US economy has undergone major macro disruption since the mid-1990s. Focusing on the retail grocery sector, this paper aims to compare the divergent strategies and outcomes of…

The decade of innovation: from benchmarking to execution

C. Brooke Dobni, Mark Klassen

This article aims to highlight the results of a Global Innovation Survey from 407 organizations representing 33 countries. This was the third of three surveys conducted by the…

Managing failure in the merger process: evidence from a case study

Anne-Sophie Thelisson

Despite their high number, most mergers end in failure. Academic studies of how these failures occur have remained rare, first, because of the difficulty of accessing the cases…


Stigmatized products: how conflicting laws can influence decisions to proceed

Stephanie Geiger-Oneto, Betsy D. Gelb, Travis Simkins

The purpose of this paper is to offers the authors’ perspective on a problem rarely considered by those making strategic decisions: conflicting laws at different levels of…

Turning open innovation into practice: trends in European corporates

Alberto Onetti

The purpose of this paper is to present an overview of the current practices in “corporate-startup collaboration” and “Open Innovation” (OI) in Europe. OI has increasingly become…


Nikola Motors: a case study in bundling as a market entry strategy

Heejin Woo, Jake Grandy

By introducing how a young entrepreneurial firm leverages bundling as a market entry strategy, this study aims to suggest a way that a relatively vulnerable startup can secure its…


US companies and political influence: how business can read the government landscape better

Michael Greiner, Jaegul Lee

This paper aims to help executives understand how to interact with government in today’s chaotic political environment.


The sorcerer’s apprentice

Peter Buell Hirsch

The purpose of this paper is to illuminate the challenges of ad hoc teams in the corporate setting.

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