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Closing the gap: the Chinese electric vehicle industry owns the road

Shuyan Zhao, Seong-Young Kim, Han Wu, Jie Yan, Jie Xiong

After three decades of development, the Chinese electric vehicle industry became the world’s largest electric vehicle market in 2015. However, little is understood about how the…


The enigma of franchising in China

Ilan Alon, Michael Alexander Kruesi

Although China is among the most populated and fastest growing markets in the world, the reason why China’s franchising scale and scope is so limited remains an enigma. The…


How to win friends and influence the right people: designing the corporate government affairs unit

Asier Pereda, Andrew Barron

This study aims to explore how firms can design their government affairs (GAs) units in ways that improve their ability to monitor and influence legislative developments in their…

Extremes of acceptance: employee attitudes toward artificial intelligence

Ulrich Lichtenthaler

The purpose of this paper is to present paradoxical employee attitudes towards interacting with artificial intelligence (AI).


Online privacy as an integral component of strategy: allaying customer fears and building loyalty

Gajendra Liyanaarachchi

This paper aims to demonstrate how building competency in privacy can be used to transform the corporate strategy to generate a sustainable competitive advantage. A novel…


When oilfield service companies enter developing economies: a new model for efficiency

Vladimir Leonidovich Ulanov, Kirill Simonov

The purpose of this paper is to identify the most effective operational model for oilfield service companies in developing markets (e.g. Russian market). It proposes the…

Damnatio Memoriae

Peter Buell Hirsch

The purpose of this study is to highlight the pitfalls companies face in confronting their history and how to manage them.

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