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Collaborative innovation for more value: how to make it work

Haibo Lin, George Yip, Jinchun Yang, Xiaolan Fu

The purpose of this paper is to focus on “how to create value from collaborative innovation,” which is a core question when companies plan open-innovation initiatives. China’s…

How social media can fuel innovation in businesses: a strategic roadmap

Pierre-Jean Barlatier, Anne-Laure Mention

This paper aims to present a framework to guide managerial action for social media (SM) strategies for innovation by exploring its constituent elements – the “what” (SM types)…

Keeping boards in the loop: getting directors the right information

Vincent Bruni-Bossio

This paper aims to offers suggested practices for dealing with the challenge of providing relevant and reliable information to boards.

Better profit formulas for new business models: capital goods industries in a fragmented market

Georg Windisch

Over the past years, traditional manufacturers of capital goods, such as Siemens, ABB and GE, have seen their business environments transform. As a response to these changes…

Smaller businesses and e-innovation: a winning combination in Australia

Khorshed Alam, Adewuyi Ayodele Adeyinka, Retha Wiesner

The purpose of this paper is to understand whether or not factors that impact the performance–innovation nexus differ from one percentage level of performance to another among…

Playing catch-up: how less developed nations can jump-start technology innovation

Lu Xu, Seong-Young Kim, Jie Xiong, Jie Yan, Han Huang

This study aims to investigate the historical technological catch-up processes with particular attention to the role of windows of opportunity (WoO). As Industry 4.0 becomes the…


The trapdoor in the platform: will corporate purpose be enough?

Peter Buell Hirsch

The purpose of the paper is to assess whether current corporate commitments to serve all stakeholders rather than just shareholders will protect corporate reputation during the…

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