Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 40 Issue 3


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A delicate balance: how multinationals can harmonize local and global strategies

Marc André Baumgartner, Esther Tippmann

Strategizing in a multinational corporation requires balancing global and local strategy. The purpose of this paper is to provide some insights into how multinational corporations…

Mind your metaphors: early warning signals when rolling out strategy

Claudia Jonczyk Sédès

While metaphors are widely used in strategy teaching and development, this study aims to present an approach how to benefit from metaphor analysis in strategy implementation. The…

Sensing opportunities in dynamic markets: how to encourage all employees to take part

Klavdia Markelova Evans, Ashley Salaiz

This paper aims to investigate how companies can retain their ability to recognize, seize and maintain opportunities.


Daring to tap external strategic resources: competitive advantage in global industries

Stuart Orr

In addition to their internal resources, companies in most industries rely upon external strategic resources to maintain and improve their performance. External strategic…

Family firm innovation strategy: contradictions and tradition

Frank Lattuch

When studying innovation in family firms, several contradictions appear, as the family and the firm represent different social systems that follow different rules and…


Strategy beyond the business unit level: corporate parenting in focus

Timothy Galpin

The gap between management theory and practice has been much criticized. To help bridge the divide, a synthesis of empirical, theoretical and practice literature is offered, along…


The rainbow sign: climate change and corporate reputation

Peter Buell Hirsch

This paper aims to highlight the increasing importance corporate responses to climate change will play in corporate reputation.

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