Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 40 Issue 1


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The bottleneck dilemma at headquarters: new product development for local markets

Heejin Kim, Seong-Young Kim

This paper aims to explore the condition under which a multinational company’s organizational headquarters influences its development of a localized overseas product.

Managing the customer experience: a beauty retailer deploys all tactics

Clara Koetz

This paper aims to analyze the concept of customer experience in the marketing literature, identify its dimensions and applications in retail companies and integrate it with the…


An ageing well collaboration: opportunity or wicked problem

Lois Marjorie Hazelton, Laurence Murray Gillin, Fiona Kerr, Alison Kitson, Noel Lindsay

Within the “wicked” concept of ageing, this paper aims to primarily model an integrated approach to identifying and evaluating opportunities that deliver innovative outcomes in…

Social media analytics: how they support company public relations

Lisa Tam, Jeong-Nam Kim

In the midst of practitioners’ increasing use of social media analytics (SMA) in guiding public relations (PR) strategy, this paper aims to present the capabilities and…


Difficult bosses: real strategies for surviving

Marius Pretorius

The plight of dissatisfied employees has become a recurring theme. A question often asked by management trainees is “How do I handle my difficult boss?” Hence, this paper aims to…

The goose that laid the golden eggs: personal data and the Internet of Things

Peter Buell Hirsch

This viewpoint is intended to examine the issue of the monetization of personal data and the risks to companies that fail to understand this trend.

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