Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 39 Issue 1


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Car crisis and renewal: how Mercedes succeeded with the A-Class

Laurent Tournois, Jean-Jacques Chanaron

In mature industries, downward vertical (line) extension has become an increasingly popular strategy, particularly for automobile manufacturers aiming at expanding their consumer…


Corporate board decision-making: applying collective versus personal values

Vincent Bruni-Bossio

This paper aims to offer a solution to the dilemma of board members using their personal values to drive decision-making and strategy. Board members are asked to discuss the…

Dilemmas and paradoxes: how managers make the toughest decisions

Päivi Karhu, Paavo Ritala

Managerial decisions ultimately determine the success or failure of a business strategy, and difficulties often arise when managers must decide how best to allocate scarce…


Better than before: the resilient organization in crisis mode

Epaminondas Koronis, Stavros Ponis

The paper aims to adopt a strategic view of organizational survival and argue that preparedness, responsiveness, adaptability and learning abilities constitute organizational…


Crisis communication and ethics: the role of public relations

Yan Jin, Augustine Pang, Joshua Smith

The purpose of this paper is to explore the veracity of the contingency model of ethical crisis communication by examining the factors of influence in a time of crisis including…


How to create environmentalists: the best motivators

Marla B. Royne, Jeff Thieme, Marian Levy

The purpose of this paper is to identify how five factors (environmental involvement, environmental concern, financial motivations, social motivations and energy concern…


Tie me to the mast: artificial intelligence & reputation risk management

Peter Buell Hirsch

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have spread rapidly across every aspect of business and social activity. The purpose of this paper is to examine how this rapidly…

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