Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 38 Issue 2


Table of contents - Special Issue: Business Model Innovation

Guest Editors: Vincent Mangematin, Aurelio M. Ravarini, Pamela Sharkey Scott

Business model performance: five key drivers

Meyer Haggège, Caroline Gauthier, Charles-Clemens Rüling

The purpose of this paper is to help readers to better understand and manage the key drivers of business model performance.


Succeeding with freemium: strategies for implementation

Anna B. Holm, Franziska Günzel-Jensen

The purpose of this article is to highlight the key points for succeeding with the freemium business model in online digital business from a strategic point of view. The freemium…


Crowdsourcing business models that last

Thomas Kohler, Marco Nickel

The purpose of this paper is to discuss how to sustain crowdsourcing business models. Emerging companies are innovating their business model to rely on a crowd of participants and…


Responding to open business models

Louis-David Benyayer, Martin Kupp

The purpose of this paper is to provide guidelines for practitioners in choosing the right response to potential threats by open business models.


Discovering digital business models in traditional industries

Gerrit Remane, Andre Hanelt, Robert C. Nickerson, Lutz M. Kolbe

The purpose of this paper is to provide managers from traditional industries with a blueprint to systematically analyze and discover digital business models and, thus, better cope…


Redesigning the business model: from one-sided to multi-sided

Guy Parmentier, Romain Gandia

This study aims to examine the way to develop a multi-sided logic for existing business models. More precisely, the objective is to find rules for designing a multi-sided business…


Business model innovation processes in large corporations: insights from BASF

Stephan Winterhalter, Tobias Weiblen, Christoph H. Wecht, Oliver Gassmann

Despite the fact that business model innovation (BMI) has attracted intense attention from scholars and practitioners alike, practicable knowledge on the organizational…


How to use analogies for creative business modelling

Ryan Rumble, Niall Anthony Minto

This paper aims to present a method for interpreting and reinterpreting business models as analogies to support the creation of new business model ideas.

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