Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 37 Issue 2


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The winding path for foreign companies: building R&D centers in China

Dominique Jolly, Francesco Masetti-Placci

Only a few foreign companies have started significant R&D activities in China. Although these forerunners have opened the door, their experience now needs to be transferred to…


Successful multi-channel strategy: mixing marketing and logistical issues

Sophie Jeanpert, Gilles Paché

When a company simultaneously manages several distribution channels, there are important issues regarding the sharing of marketing and logistical resources. This paper aims to…


Caught in the middle: franchise businesses and the social media wave

Brian L. King

The purpose of this paper is to explore the impact of the Internet, and more specifically social media, on franchise business models.


Floundering in a deregulated market: an energy company seeks new strategies

Avninder Gill

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the business strategy of an energy company, identify the shortcomings in its existing strategy and provide recommendations to streamline a…


Choosing to retire: how companies can support and respect the decision better

Betsy D. Gelb, Teri Elkins Longacre

Organizational leaders understandably seek to match their workforce to the organization’s strategic focus. However, they may find their ability to do so thwarted by reluctance to…


Competitive profits and the annual report: measuring the sustainable business

Paul Strebel, Margaret Cording, Jialu Shan

Getting rid of the contradictions between financial and sustainability reports is not straightforward, owing to their disparate financial-, environmental- and people-related data…


Fit-bitting the dog

Peter Buell Hirsch

The purpose of this paper is to examine the increasing use of data monitoring of employees by companies. As companies gather data on employees’ keystrokes and mouse clicks, as…

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