Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 36 Issue 5


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Kaizen: a Japanese philosophy and system for business excellence

Wayne G. Macpherson, James C Lockhart, Heather Kavan, Anthony L. Iaquinto

The purpose of this paper is to develop a definitive and insightful working definition of kaizen for practitioners and academics in the West through which they may better…


Managing the wickedness of socially responsible marketing

Dale Fodness

– The purpose of this paper is to identify the wicked problems inherent in socially responsible marketing and to provide practical insights into their management.


Leaving employees to their own devices: new practices in the workplace

Aurelie Leclercq-Vandelannoitte

The purpose of this paper is to provide useful insights on “bring your own device” (BYOD) and IT consumerization, to help organizations understand how to address their…


Middle market companies: reaching stakeholders through strategic communication

Roger W. Hutt

The purpose of this paper is to provide a description and overview of the middle market which, by sales volume, lies between the small business and large business sectors and also…


Marketing communications in a post-modern world

Philip J. Kitchen, Tony Proctor

The purpose of this paper is to present and discuss information accessibility in today’s world alongside the accompanying demise of corporate invisibility. This is an ever-present…


Marketing or sales: the executive decision

Hei-wai Lee, Crystal J. Scott

– The purpose of this paper is to explore and analyze the differences in organizations that choose to have a sales executive versus a marketing executive on the leadership team.


The plebeians rehearse the uprising

Peter Buell Hirsch

The purpose of this paper is to explore the impact of rising concerns about income inequality on the reputation of large global employers. In an era in which middle class incomes…

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