Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 35 Issue 6


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Chinese state-owned enterprises go global

Ilan Alon, Hua Wang, Jun Shen, Wenxian Zhang

The aim of this research is to examine the Chinese outward direct investment (ODI) from the perspectives of the Chinese state-owned enterprises (SOEs), focusing on their…


Leading the sustainable organization at Vail Resorts

Timothy Galpin, Georgann Jouflas, Mark Gasta

This paper aims to assess Vail Resorts’ sustainability activities by applying a well-substantiated framework titled the “Leading the Sustainable Organization” (LSO) model in order…


Intuition: the missing ingredient for good managerial decision-making

Kurt Matzler, Borislav Uzelac, Florian Bauer

This paper aims to clarify the role of intuition in managerial decision making by identifying when intuitive decision making is typically applied, of what value it is for…


Mapping vulnerability: how emerging markets respond to multinationals

Arun Kumar Jain, Ajay Kumar Singal

This paper aims to look at corporate vulnerability – a concept unexplored in literature. It analyzes how firms develop vulnerability as a result of past strategic decisions and…

Communities of practice: linking knowledge management and strategy in creative firms

Joseph Bashouri, Glen William Duncan

The purpose of this paper is to assess the importance of knowledge and its management in the creative professional service firm (PSF). The other purpose is to explore the role of…


McLuhan’s nightmare

Dick Martin

This paper aims to re-examine Marshall McLuhan ' s most famous aphorism – “the medium is the message” – within the context of recent sociological findings and concludes…


Whither the bully pulpit: leadership communications and corporate transformation

Peter Buell Hirsch

This paper aims to look at some classic business leader communications to assess which ones succeed and which ones fail to meet that standard. From Teddy Roosevelt to Ronald…

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