Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 35 Issue 1


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China: the next innovation hot spot for the world

Georges Haour, Dominique Jolly

Nowadays, China's economy is climbing up the value curve, transitioning from the low-cost manufacturing of basic products to the assembly of high-tech products and more recently


Business cycles: looking beyond the downside for competitive advantages

Peter Lorange, Edwin Datson

How can one better manage risk in situations with a lot of business cycles exposure? This article offers practical approaches to this.


Emerging market firms: measuring their success with strategic positioning maps

Ajay Kumar Singal, Arun Kumar Jain

The purpose of this paper is to understand and map the global competitiveness of firms in emerging markets. The authors refine a framework (called the “strategic control map”, or


Measuring the value of online communities

James Christian Franklin, Michael Mainelli, Robert Pay

The purpose of this paper is to provide a set of measures that enable better understanding of online communities, their value and the strategic decisions best suited to them.


Prophets and losses: the predictive impulse

Richard J. Pech

The topic of forecasting and our (in)ability to predict the future should be regularly revisited as our memories seem incredibly short and forgiving of inaccurate and false


Taming the amygdala: new tools for crisis management

Peter Buell Hirsch

The article discusses the ramifications for corporate reputation of the current concerns about consumer data privacy in order to identify potential risks and benefits for


Paying attention and getting attention: two sides of the communication coin

Dick Martin

To increase understanding of communications role in business strategy.

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