Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 33 Issue 6


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Serving base‐of‐the‐pyramid markets: meeting real needs through a customized approach

Jakki J. Mohr, Sanjit Sengupta, Stanley F. Slater

This article aims to propose a continuum of strategic engagement approaches to base‐of‐the‐pyramid (BOP) markets ranging from non‐profit and government aid to corporate social


Antitrust enforcement: an inflection point?

Darren Bush, Betsy D. Gelb

This paper seeks to examine the possibility that antitrust enforcement will strengthen in the USA. The study sets out to assess whether the merger of two large rivals into one


Communities of practice: keeping the company agile

Stefano Borzillo, Achim Schmitt, Mirko Antino

The purpose of this paper is to provide managers, researchers, and consultants with insights into the ways communities of practice (CoPs) simultaneously support organizations'


The booster zone: how to accelerate growth with strategic customers

Christoph Senn

The purpose of this article is to present a method to help management teams and sales leaders evaluate opportunities and risks in business‐to‐business relationships from an

From the stakeholder viewpoint: designing measurable objectives

Graham Kenny

This article seeks to review how objectives are conventionally designed for organizations before detailing a new and proven approach based on the author's many years of research


The devil's dictionary of business strategy, volume II

Patrick Marren

The purpose of this paper is to humorously define various common business and strategy terms to amuse and illuminate.

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