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Chinese S&T parks: the emergence of a new model

Dominique Jolly, Fuquan Zhu

Chinese S&T parks are one component of the Chinese system of innovation which has emerged over the last 20 years; they are not simply a copy‐paste of the American model. This

Surviving a cluster collapse: risk aversion as a core value

Holger Schiele, Gert‐Jan Hospers, Debbie van der Zee

This paper analyses firms, which survived in a collapsed regional cluster. The target is to analyze whether the principles for enduring success identified researching success

Going global: how smaller enterprises benefit from strategic alliances

Sophie Veilleux, Nancy Haskell, Frank Pons

This paper aims to focus on understanding three dimensions of international alliance formation by small to medium‐sized enterprises (SMEs): the role of internal actors


Bringing gourmet coffee to India: lessons of an Italian firm in an emerging market

Bernardo Bertoldi, Chiara Giachino, Silvio Marenco

The increasing importance of branding has been highlighted by many authors and there is a general absence of a clearly defined approach taken by companies to penetrate emerging


Business alliances: why managerial thinking and biases determine success

Rajesh Kumar, Anoop Nathwani

Alliances are unstable and while a number of explanations have been offered for understanding instability a motivational oriented approach remains underdeveloped. This paper seeks


Innovation in small business: comparing face‐to‐face with virtual networking

Jialin Hardwick, Doug Cruickshank, Alistair R. Anderson

The paper aims to better understand the process of networking by small business with their customers to achieve innovations. In particular the relative roles of face‐to‐face and


Presidential election scenarios

Patrick Marren

The aim is to demonstrate the necessity of a scenario approach to decision making where non‐experts are forced to choose between expert opinions about which they cannot possibly

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