Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 32 Issue 5


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Toyota in crisis: denial and mismanagement

Victor L. Heller, John R. Darling

The purpose of this paper is to address the importance of effective crisis management, and the commensurate lessons to be learned from the Toyota Corporation's denial of


Building a personal brand through social networking

Lisa Harris, Alan Rae

The “digital divide” between the “haves” and the “have nots” in the developed world is now less about access to the web than it is about understanding how to actively participate


Performance leadership: managing for flexibility

John Wilkes, George Yip, Kevin Simmons

Many multi‐business companies apply one performance management approach to all their businesses despite differing needs. This study proposes a flexible approach to managing


Pride and professionals: retaining talent in emerging economies

Jonathan P. Doh, Richard R. Smith, Stephen A. Stumpf, Walter G. Tymon

The effectiveness of HR programs developed to curb turnover of new professionals has rarely been subject to rigorous examination as to their success and applicability across


The corporate strategy function: improving its value and effectiveness

Barry Brunsman, Stacey DeVore, Andrew Houston

Very few functions seem as well‐positioned as the corporate strategy function to create value. Even the name, corporate strategy, suggests access to critical information and


The value of weak connections

Stuart E. Jackson

Most business leaders are aware of the success and high market valuations associated with internet networking businesses such as Facebook and LinkedIn. But they often fail to


Two shoes that might not drop

Patrick Marren

The purpose of this paper is to examine widespread assumptions about things that are deemed inevitable, but which might not happen, or which might have far less impact than

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