Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 31 Issue 4


Table of contents - Special Issue: Creatively intelligent companies and leaders: Arts‐based learning for business

Guest Editors: Harvey Seifter, Ted Buswick

Arts‐based learning at work: economic downturns, innovation upturns, and the eminent practicality of arts in business

Nick Nissley

This article offers an up‐to‐date overview of the emergent practice of arts‐based learning in business. First, arts‐based learning is situated within the broader arts in business


In front of the blank canvas: sensing emerging futures

C. Otto Scharmer, Katrin Kaeufer

The paper asks how leaders in organizations address complex situations or challenges where past experiences are no longer helpful or might pose an obstacle for success. The


What good are artists?

John Reaves, David Green

Examining the techniques of a management consulting firm comprising actors, directors, producers, writers, musicians and other artists, the article reveals through several case


If InterContinental were a sound … what would it be?

Michael Spencer

Corporate communications and music seem unlikely bedfellows. Increasingly, businesses are turning to non‐traditional methods to create competitive advantage. This case study


Pointing your way to success through metaphorming

Todd Siler

Our innovation work involves unlocking the potential of individuals, teams, groups and organizations by tapping peoples' creativity and critical thinking powers through a process


Not just a pretty face: economic drivers behind the arts‐in‐business movement

Robert D. Austin, Lee Devin

Interest in the uses and effects of art and methods of art making in businesses of all kinds is on the rise. In this paper, we show that the “arts‐in‐business movement” is no mere


What does beauty have to do with business?

Suzanne Merritt

To examine how an interest in art can be harnessed to accelerate one's success as a leader of innovation.


Learning how to look: developing leadership through intentional observation

Anu M. Mitra, Yen Hsieh, Ted Buswick

This paper demonstrates how effectively developing visual skills from observing and analyzing works of art applies in developing leadership skills and examines one application


The art and science of experiential leadership: culture at the core of process change success

Graeme Thomson

To show that: as leaders refine business performance, they are increasingly focusing on human capital performance – how leaders and teams deliver outstanding performance and


Going beyond the dehydrated language of management: leadership insight

Nancy J. Adler

Leadership insight describes the importance of and approach to reflection for leaders, using traditional journal writing, leadership wisdom statements, and art work.

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