Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 31 Issue 3


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Hitting the sustainability sweet spot: having it all

Dung K. Nguyen, Stanley F. Slater

Corporations and their leaders are coming under increasing pressure to achieve “sustainability.” Sustainable enterprises minimize harmful environmental impacts, are socially


Low‐cost strategy through product architecture: lessons from China

Hua Wang, Chris Kimble

The article shows how changes in product architecture have become the driving force behind a breakthrough strategy that has enabled Chinese carmakers to produce vehicles that are


The essential brand persona: storytelling and branding

Stephen Herskovitz, Malcolm Crystal

In communicating their brands, businesses need to tell a compelling story that connects with its audiences on an emotional level. Every story requires a clearly understood central


Is the price right? Strategies for new introductions

Rob Docters, Raul Katz, Jerry Bernstein, Bert Schefers

This paper aims to describe best practice in pricing strategy for new products and services being introduced to a market.


New Look: going private with private equity support

Ann‐Kristin Achleitner, Eva Lutz, Kerry Herman, Josh Lerner

The purpose of this paper is to present a case study of UK fashion retailer New Look and focuses on the impact of private equity on corporate governance, employment and leverage


Don't throw it away: the corporate role in product disposition

Srividya Raghavan

Consumer behavior comprises acquisition, consumption and disposition behaviors. Businesses have generally been most concerned about producing and distributing goods and have thus


Making consultants earn their keep

Stuart E. Jackson

This article discusses the use of consultants in helping set business strategy. Starting with the perspective that many consultants end up not delivering good value for companies


Nailing strategic jello to the wall

Patrick Marren

This column aims to examine the meaning of the word “strategy,” and how it has evolved.

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