Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 29 Issue 6


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Why bigger is not always better: the strategic logic of value creation through M&As

Brane Kalpič

The strategic thinking behind numerous M&As is: “bigger is more important than better”. Such logic is also followed in the growth strategies of many players who believe that


Kick the discounting habit: step one for more effective pricing

Reed K. Holden

Discounting has become the crack cocaine of senior management with terrifying effects on both revenue and profits. The purpose of this paper to show managers how and where to put


When Porter's generic strategies are not enough: complementary strategies for turnaround situations

Marius Pretorius

PurposePorter's generic strategy matrix often proves inadequate for use by distressed firms, because it assumes that ventures operate “normally” in competitive environments


Alignment and follow‐up: steps to strategy execution

Riaz Khadem

This paper aims to provide a framework for the successful execution of business strategy in medium to large organizations.


Sport hospitality as a business strategy

Ram Herstein, Eugene D. Jaffe

The demand for sport tourism throughout the world has risen in recent years for several reasons, most significantly an increased emphasis on health and fitness and the increased


Consumer warfare: implications for marketing strategy

David J. Burns, Homer B. Warren

Instead of being characterized as manufacturers competing among themselves for business, the marketplace today can be best depicted as powerful consumers competing among


Net shareholder value

Stuart E. Jackson

Most investors and business leaders understand that the internet has created a few high‐profile success but many more start‐up businesses that have destroyed rather than created


What is your Web 5.0 strategy?

Ajit Kambil

The worldwide web continues to evolve as a key capability for commercial and human interactions. This paper lays out how the web is likely to evolve and key capabilities


Strategic improvisation

Patrick Marren

This paper discusses the parallels between business strategy and improvisational comedy.

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