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Networking inside the organization: a case study on knowledge sharing

Nicolas Rolland, Renata Kaminska‐Labbé

This paper illustrates, on the basis of a case study of a multinational corporation, the positive impact of intra‐organizational networking on the capacity to sustain competitive


From knowing to doing: experience and flexibility make the difference

Betsy D. Gelb, Stephanie Geiger‐Oneto, Gabriel M. Gelb

While managers have many opportunities to learn about strategic principles, this article investigates how managers understand and use them. Focusing on principles from the writing


The neglected demand curve: how to build one and how to benefit

Rob Docters, Bert Schefers, Tracy Korman, Christine Durman

This paper lays out the uses of demand curves, both for profit optimization, strategy, tiering and list price setting. This tool is also useful in public policy, such as extending


Strategy tools: who really uses them?

Paul Knott

The paper complements other published material on strategy tools by presenting a picture of how practicing managers use tools and concepts in strategy activity.


Business leaders speak out: their real strategic problems

H. Donald Hopkins, Tim Swift

Many observers agree that the recommendations from academic research are not followed by real world organizations, and that business researchers rarely consult practitioners when


A new look at the sports paradigm for business: performing isn't enough

Andy Adcroft, Jon Teckman

This article aims to provide an original explanation of the outcome of contests using a performing‐competing framework.


The great game of gotcha

Patrick Marren

This paper aims to highlight the strategic irrelevancy of much prognostication in business.


Grow your business by offering less – and more

Stuart E. Jackson

Most business leaders buy into the logic of differentiating their products from those of competitors, and of offering more complete solutions to customer needs. But what if you


What is your recession playbook?

Ajit Kambil

This paper aims to examine how managers can respond to recessions and navigate their companies to success looking at the last two recessions in the US.

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