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It's 2008: do you know where your talent is? Connecting people to what matters

Robin Athey

The purpose of this paper is to speak of the importance of connecting people in the workplace. It describes the types of connections that foster employee development and


The big exit: executive churn in the wake of M&As

Jeffrey A. Krug, Walt Shill

The purpose of this paper is to report the results of a ten‐year study on the effects of mergers and acquisitions (M&As) on target company executives and discusses the importance


Beating the commoditization trend: a framework from the electronics industry

Eric G. Olson, Deepak Sharma

The purpose of this paper is to show that some of the critical questions that top executives from electronics companies ask are not unique to their industry and, in fact, are the


Customer loyalty and employee engagement: an alignment for value

Matthew P. Gonring

The purpose of his paper is to show that the rational and emotional triggers associated with customer loyalty and employee engagement can be measured in a macro manner through


Customer value‐based pricing strategies: why companies resist

Andreas Hinterhuber

Customer value‐based pricing is increasingly recognised by academics and practitioners as the most effective approach to pricing for companies wishing to achieve increased


JBS interviews three business leaders

Kim Foster

Interviews with three business leaders at the Leaders in London 2007 conference: Andrew Zolli, Benjamin Zander and Nick Wheeler


Questions, questions

Patrick Marren

To discuss the irrelevancy of one particular favorite economic question of current business punditry.


Grow your business without leaving your competitive stronghold

Stuart E. Jackson

Manufacturers and product suppliers with a strong market share in their selected segments often enjoy good profitability but find it hard to achieve strong growth without

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