Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 28 Issue 5


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End of the multinational: emerging markets redraw the picture

Andrew Inkpen, Kannan Ramaswamy

As global integration between firms and countries continues to march forward, managers and strategy analysts will have to find new ways to deal with globalization. Many of the


Launching store brands in emerging markets: resistance crumbles

Ram Herstein, Eugene D. Jaffe

Store brands, which were once only found on the shelves of developed countries, are now being introduced in emerging markets in increasing amounts. The purpose of this paper is to


Forecast for financial services in 2010: no room for laggards

Chris Gentle

The worldwide market for financial services is evolving rapidly, and is likely to look very different by the year 2010. This study identifies major market drivers and operational


Where has all the synergy gone? The M&A puzzle

Kristin Ficery, Tom Herd, Bill Pursche

The purpose of this article is to understand synergies in merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions.


Extending innovation boundaries: corporate venture capital gives large firms a strategic option

L. Gregory Henley

The purpose of this article is to describe how investing in entrepreneurial ventures can help large firms pursue corporate entrepreneurship initiates. Ventures can be attractive


Perquisites under the microscope

Catherine M. Dalton, Dan R. Dalton

This paper discusses perquisites for executives.


Thinking for breakthroughs

Ajit Kambil

How can executives improve the odds of generating breakthrough ideas and solutions in their organizations? In contrast to methods like brainstorming and widely available ideation


Translating competitive strength into bottom‐line performance

Stuart E. Jackson

At some point in their career, almost all managers will find themselves in a business that is under‐performing relative to expectations. But how do we know whether the

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