Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 27 Issue 6


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Related party transactions: too close for (shareholders') comfort

Catherine M. Dalton, Dan R. Dalton

Looks at increasing number of related party transactions despite regulatory scrutiny.


Shininess vs usefulness

Patrick Marren

To provide the author's opinions about key issues in strategy and the future to the readership.


How managers generate ideas and why it matters

Betty Vandenbosch, Argun Saatcioglu

The purpose of the paper is to describe a study of the styles and patterns people use to recognize the need for ideas, and generate and evaluate them to determine if understanding


Over 50 and ready to shop: serving the aging consumer

Cabrini Pak, Ajit Kambil

The purpose of this paper is to provide a framework to better understand the emerging aging consumer markets. It identifies new principles to better serve the ranks of the 50


Communications and business value: measuring the link

Paul A. Argenti

This research examines the importance of measurement in the communications industry and business in general, the insufficiency of measurement in communications, how communications


New paradigm for the Asian boardroom – brand equity

Martin Roll

The main purpose of this paper is to bring to the fore the strategic importance of branding as managed by the boardrooms, so that Asian companies can realize their full potential


A letter from the president: seduction, charm and obfuscation in French CEO letters

Frank Bournois, Sébastien Point

Shareholders, investors and potential employees, all attach special importance to understanding a company through its annual report, the status of which has evolved over the


Want to improve strategic execution? Simons says levers

Norman T. Sheehan

The purpose of this paper is to describe four levers that managers can use to effectively implement strategy.


The strategic farmer: a cheese producer with cold feet?

Gerard McElwee, Alistair Anderson, Kari Vesala

The purpose of this article is to explore the strategy of an enterprising farmer. The background problematic is that in Europe, agriculture has faced dramatic pressures for


Integrating strategic management and budgeting

Tim Blumentritt

This article examines the relationship between budgeting and strategic management, especially in terms of strategic planning. Strategic management presents managers with a process

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