Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 27 Issue 5


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Board member contingent compensation: watch your back

Catherine M. Dalton, Dan R. Dalton

Examines new SEC guidelines for the reporting of “Executive Compensation and Related Party Disclosure”.


Fish or starve

Patrick Marren

To provide the author's opinions about key issues in strategy and the future to the readership.


Bundles with sharp teeth: effective product combinations

Rob Docters, Bert Schefers, Christine Durman, Martijn Gieskes

More than ever, businesses need to assemble and offer multiple products combined into a single offer, a practice known as bundling. The purpose of this paper is to describe how to


Investment in marketing: the allocation conundrum

Mike Bradbury, Neal Kissel

Ever‐rising marketing budgets are becoming an explosive issue. On advertising alone, companies spend fortunes: Nestlé, $11 billion; Unilever, $8 billion; General Motors, $4.7


Entering low‐end markets: a new strategy for Swiss companies

Heiko Gebauer

This paper provides a better understanding of why manufacturing companies often fail to enter the low‐end market.


Is your strategy a duck?

Jeanne Liedtka

This article addresses the widespread failure of organizations to turn strategy talk into action. It suggests that underlying this failure is the creation of strategy “ducks” – a


Does innovation drive profitable growth? New metrics for a complete picture

Jane C. Linder

Organizations intent on driving profitable growth recognize they need innovation, but most measures of innovation are incomplete, focusing only on R&D or new product development


Resonant leadership: a new kind of leadership for the digital age

Annie McKee, Dick Massimilian

The authors contend that the current, intensive emphasis on short‐term results prevalent in much of corporate America unwittingly undercuts the ability of companies to achieve


Framing brand management for marketing ecosystems

John G. Singer

To define the contours of a new marketing attuned to the information age, and to introduce the concept of marketing ecosystems as a new framework for competitive strategy.

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