Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 27 Issue 1


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“Going dark”: It will definitely dim the lights

Dan R. Dalton, Catherine M. Dalton

Looks at the decision by some public companies to go dark and avoid regulatory requirements.


Far from the blinking crowd

Patrick Marren

To provide the author's opinions about key issues in strategy and the future to the readership, in a humorous way.


A health audit for corporate entrepreneurship: innovation at all levels: part I

R. Duane Ireland, Donald F. Kuratko, Michael H. Morris

Identifies issues to consider when designing a corporate entrepreneurship strategy, discuss the triggers of corporate entrepreneurship, and describe an internal work environment


The hidden risks in strategic account management strategy

Nigel F. Piercy, Nikala Lane

To provide a critical perspective on the robustness of strategic account management (sometimes called key account management) strategies as an approach to managing relationships


The executive growth factor: how Siemens invigorated its customer relationships

Christoph Senn

Many companies claim to have established senior executive relationship programs, but few have linked their account plans to senior executive actions, and consequently, only a few


The logic of Chinese business strategy: East versus West: Part I

Usha C.V. Haley, George T. Haley

Despite close to two decades of foreign direct investment in China, and the country's enormous market potential, most US and European multinational corporations have never made a


Critical tactics for implementing Porter's generic strategies

Obasi Akan, Richard S. Allen, Marilyn M. Helms, Samuel A. Spralls

To identify and cite examples of critical tactics for implementing Porter's generic strategies.


Driving growth with new products: common pricing traps to avoid

John Hogan, Tom Lucke

The purpose of this article is to reveal several issues surrounding old style twentieth century pricing traps that need to be overcome in the twenty‐firt century global economy

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