Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 26 Issue 5


Table of contents - Special Issue: Arts‐based learning for business

Guest Editors: Harvey Seifter, Ted Buswick

Surfacing creativity through the arts: a short interview with Terry McGraw

Harvey Seifter

The purpose of this paper is to give the reader a first‐hand view of why and how a major global corporation uses arts‐based learning, from the perspective of its Chairman and CEO.


The view from the trenches: an interview with Harvey Seifter and Tim Stockil

Lois Bartelme

The purpose of this paper is to describe the viewpoints of two leaders in bridging the world of the arts and the world of business in order to enhance organizational success


Solving business problems through the creative power of the arts: catalyzing change at Unilever

Mary‐Ellen Boyle, Edward Ottensmeyer

Business leaders, in increasing numbers, are looking to the creative power of the arts in their efforts to manage strategic change, to enhance innovation, or to strengthen


Seeing your audience through an actor's eyes: an interview with George Stalk

Ted Buswick

To convey the potential of hidden benefits in well‐selected arts‐based training – in this particular instance, theatrically‐based training.


The quality instinct: how an eye for art can save your business

Maxwell Anderson

This paper was written to help the lay reader understand how learning to look at art can be helpful in learning to evaluate business decisions. The lessons of sorting out the best


Playing to the technical audience: evaluating the impact of arts‐based training for engineers

John Osburn, PhD, Richard Stock, PhD

Aims to assess the effectiveness of arts‐based learning for technical trainees.


The behaviors of jazz as a catalyst for strategic renewal and growth

Michael Gold, Steve Hirshfeld

To provide a metaphorical language, a contextual framework, and a specific set of social behaviors to help business executives and managers envision, discuss and implement changes


The play's the thing: using interactive drama in leadership development

Robert Steed

This paper was written to help practitioners in the field of arts‐based learning understand the impact that training with its roots in theatre can have and has had on business


Entrepreneurs: the artists of the business world

Kevin Daum

This paper relates the connection and influence of arts‐based training and practical experience to entrepreneurial endeavors.


International opportunities for artful learning

Lotte Darsø

Arts‐based learning in business is a young field. Few businesspeople are aware of the opportunities to learn about it. This article takes an international look at the most


It takes two to tango

Michael Spencer

Increasingly the arts are being considered as having valuable lessons that can be transferred to a business context. This paper explores ways in which the assumed gap between the

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