Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 26 Issue 1


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A few heads‐ups

Patrick Marren

In doing scenario planning, one anticipates a wide range of plausible eventualities, some of which will come to pass. But a short list of issues arises again and again, the


Follow the leader

Catherine M. Dalton, Dan R. Dalton

Looks at the current structure of boards where the CEO fills all leadership roles. Benefit is in having a single voice. Disadvantage is having CEO self‐monitor.


Run out of steam? Here's how to create a growth action plan

Richard Wise

Looks at why traditional growth tactics have become less effective and why it is necessary to balance short term moves with new business building. Looks at understanding customer


Enter the “chief growth officer”: searching for organic growth

David Meer

To explore the challenges associated with organic growth, outline three requirements for growing faster than the competition and evaluate the recent trend toward the establishment


Inside the new organization: a blueprint for surviving restructuring, downsizing, acquisitions and outsourcing

Donald J. Minnick, R. Duane Ireland

To describe a model of interpersonal competencies for surviving and thriving in today's new, leaner organization. Our work is based on interviews and surveys of individuals who


With all this intelligence, why don't we have better strategies?

Mark Chussil

To describe reasons why companies make bad strategy decisions despite having the most capable, motivated, experienced, well‐equipped strategists in history. To recommend practical


Poetry in the boardroom: thinking beyond the facts : A roundtable discussion among Ted Buswick, Clare Morgan and Kirsten Lange

Ted Buswick, Clare Morgan, Kirsten Lange

To convey the findings of an investigation into the relationship between poetry and business thinking, which began with the hypothesis that regular reading and analysis of poetry


Cross‐border alliances: advice from the executive suite

Pieter Klaas Jagersma

How does a company make its way through the cross‐border alliance jungle? The article seeks to address several issues facing companies that are considering or managing

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