Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 25 Issue 6


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Much ado about IT: a response to “the corrosion of IT advantage” by Nicholas G. Carr

Betty Vandenbosch, Kalle Lyytinen

This article takes issue with Nick Carr’s thesis, developed in his book and in articles for Harvard Business Review and the Journal of Business Strategy, that IT has become a…


Break your own rules

Bolko von Oetinger

This second of three articles by Bolko von Oetinger, a senior vice president and director of the Strategy Institute for the Boston Consulting Group, continues the distillation of…


Corporate reputation: Anything but superficial – the deep but fragile nature of corporate reputation

Ronald J. Alsop

Corporate reputation has never been more valuable – or more vulnerable. All of the corporate malfeasance of the past few years in the US not only showed how precious and fleeting…


Corporate reputation: Managing corporate reputation – applying rigorous measures to a key asset

Jeffrey T. Resnick

Author Jeff Resnick explores the vulnerability of firms whose executives fail to manage the perceptions of their company – indeed, their corporate reputation – with as much rigor…


Corporate reputation: Reputational mythraking

Dick Martin

Through good time and bad, few companies have been so prominently and constantly in the public eye as AT&T. As the company’s executive vice president of public relations, Dick…


Corporate reputation: Pricing and competing in Chinese markets – strategies for multinationals

Roger (Rongxin) Chen

This article examines weaknesses of multinational corporations in China. Many multinationals target high price and high‐end segments when entering the country. This creates…

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