Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 25 Issue 2


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Retailers at the crossroads: how to develop profitable new growth strategies

Uta Werner, John McDermott, Greg Rotz

Many industries have been hit hard by the recent recession, but none more so than the retail sector. As retailers have struggled, however, a few major chains have found ways to…


Creating successful alliances

Patricia Anslinger, Justin Jenk

CEOs are increasingly turning to alliances as a way to grow their business and maximize shareholder value. They are searching for growth strategies while confronting a host of new…


Capturing the unique value of services: why pricing of services is different

Rob Docters, Mike Reopel, Jeanne‐Mey Sun, Steve Tanny

Much attention has been paid to the pricing of goods, but services now constitute almost half of the US economy and they have their own pricing requirements. Services differ from…


The case for re‐examining IT effectiveness

Priya Kurien, Was Rahman, V.S. Purushottam

As the global economy moves upward, we believe that the lessons learned during the economic downturn to make IT more effective are not only applicable but also critical to ensure…


The ten outsourcing traps to avoid

Mark Power, Carlo Bonifazi, Kevin C. Desouza

As businesses struggle to lower cost and grow revenues, outsourcing initiatives are underway in many small, medium, and large global companies. Outsourcing strategies are…


Six steps to better crisis management

John K.S. Chong

Crises can threaten the continued existence of an organization. In today’s highly uncertain and turbulent business environment, managers must develop stronger crisis…


Why managers fail, and how organizations can rewrite the script

Baird K. Brightman

A failed management relationship is a primary cause of poor performance, work dissatisfaction and loss of talent as well as other organizational ills. Dramatic improvement in…

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