Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 25 Issue 1


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Brand globally, market locally

Jennifer Barron, Jim Hollingshead

Companies that want to create truly global brands must first take three steps: develop a different process for coordinating brand development, revise consumer research…


Business model innovation breakthrough moves

Donald W. Mitchell, Carol Bruckner Coles

While there are multiple breakthrough moves a company can adapt for business model innovation, leaders need to focus more on improving their skills in this area, for example by…


Does small and mature have to mean dull? Defying the ho‐hum at SMEs

Tim Blumentritt

Even though most SMEs operate in established industries, managers of these firms are not impervious to the fast‐moving changes in today’s business world. The author undertook a…

New rules for strategic engagement

Howard M. Guttman, Richard S. Hawkes

Increasingly, the big‐bang approach to strategy is being discredited. No longer does the top team head up to the mountaintop for a strategic retreat and descend with the new…


Pricing for boom or bust: smart moves for maximum flexibility

Rob Docters, Mike Reopel, Jeanne‐Mey Sun, Steve Tanny

While the US economy seems to be in an upswing, there is still plenty of downside for some companies. But a downturn need not be seen as a giant sucking sound, eliminating all of…


Streamlining project management through online solutions

Tiffany S. Perkins‐Munn, Y. Theodore Chen

The ultimate goal of streamlining solutions for project management is to optimize the performance of the team. Automating business processes and integrating customized business…


Business value and corporate governance: a new approach

Willy A. Sussland

In the aftermath of financial scandals, much good work is being done on the procedures that frame corporate governance. However, to achieve a quantum leap in the effectiveness of…


A plea for uncertainty: Everybody complains about uncertainty, but it might be a good thing to have

Bolko von Oetinger

There is no tool that can switch off uncertainty in business. The aim of strategic thinking is thus not to achieve certainty but to prepare us for uncertain times. There are no…

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