Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 24 Issue 4


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When worlds collide: culture clash: Forging new territory – people challenges of emerging markets

Liz Fealy, Dave Kompare

Looks at the often overlooked dangers of an international M&A – differences in culture. From employment law, government regulations, political and cultural considerations, the…


When worlds collide: culture clash: Corporate culture – illuminating the black hole

Jerry Want

In this second cover story the author explores the pitfalls of not understanding the difference in corporate culture between merging parties. Highlights a number of examples of…


Management span of control: how wide is too wide?

Barbara Davison

A director at the Saratoga Institute provides some thoughts on the ideal ratio of managers to staff and gives a formula to allow the reader to perform their own caclulations.


Managing the relationship portfolio

Alan Eilles, Matt Bartels, Barry Brunsman

Using a case study of BP the authors explore the management of the relationship portfolio using a technique developed by Deloitte Consulting.


Why companies flunk supply‐chain 101: only 33 percent correctly measure supply‐chain performance; few use the right incentives

Miles Cook, Russ Hagey

A consultant with Greenwich Partners based in New York looks at the often overlooked human factor in security infrastructures.


Beyond technology – The human factor in business systems

Christine M. Orshesky

Looks at where companies go wrong in measuring supply chain performance. Gives a number of examples of those who are doing it right.

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