Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 24 Issue 3


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Where did all the knowledge go?

Patrick Marren

Discusses the economy and knowledge management via a knowledge bases and looks at where this knowledge base is today. States knowledge is a human being’s rightful certainty of…

On the Web, you’re a retailer

Steve King

Investigates retailing on the Web and how the quality of goods and services are not as important as the process your customers go through to buy them. Posits that, in the future…

Using data analytics for greater profits

Sandeep Tyagi

Looks at Harrah’s casino business and how it is run, with the aid of analytics: accessing; aggregating; and analysing large amounts of data from many sources. States Harrah’s…


Are you getting value from your IT?

Susan E. Rau, Barbara S. Bye

Speculates on whether companies are obtaining value for money from technology, as IT spending consumers a considerable portion of both the balance sheet and the annual operating…


ROI is not a formula, it is a responsibility

Jacob Varghese

Reckons the success of technology initiatives depends on whether the person responsible for implementation has the required incentives, authority and credibility required in the…

Magnetic intellectual property: accelerating revenues from innovation

Martha Amram

States there is a huge gap between recognizing there are potential profits in IP, and then realizing that potential, because the value potential for IP is not a new idea …

Price is a “language” to customers

Rob Docters, Mike Reopel, Jeanne‐Mey Sun, Steven Tanny

Looks at the language of price, which is the conclusion that customers reach after learning of a company’s price structure and billing policies. Stresses product managers and…


Finding hidden profits

Manny Maceda, Alistair Corbett, Vernon Altman

Examines the strategies of 30 companies that managed to substantially improve margins, and notes that some are achieving remarkable results. Looks at three companies which looked…


Dollars and sense: the path to board independence

Catherine M. Daily, Dan R. Dalton

States that there are several recent developments in the area of corporate governance (CG) reform that highlight issues of board independence and CG “best practices”. Notes that…

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