Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 19 Issue 5


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Interesting Times

Pamela Goett

“May you live in interesting times,” is an old Chinese blessing (or, perhaps, curse). Clearly, American business, and especially its business strategists, have certainly been…


Work/family questions are rising high on the list of issues that senior management must consider. Recent studies indicate that concerns about child care and elder care are…


It was easy to get lost trying to scramble around and decide what had to be done first. So we started having meetings, me and a lot of the people I had hired to get us out of this…

Practical Strategist: Grow by Shrinking Your Market Share

Dan Simpson

One of the biggest constraints to growth in many companies is too narrow a definition of their market. Don't get me wrong—high market share is a good thing. The positive…


Risk Management: Don't Hide from Risk—Manage It

Charles Perrottet

Currencies seem to be more volatile than they have ever been in the past. The pace of change in technology seems to keep ratcheting higher. Corporations are merging into…

Theory in Action: Economic Profit: An Old Concept Gains New Significance

Lloyd W.W. Bell

Profitability as a measure of performance just doesn't cut it any more. On Wall Street these days, it's not good enough to know a company earned money. Instead, the focus is…

Strategists to WATCH

Our sixth annual survey of business leaders worth a close look.

What Every Business Should Learn from MICROSOFT

Sunny Baker

A former Microsoft insider believes that Microsoft prevails not because of its ability to innovate but because of its capacity for covering all the bases.



Harvey Meyer

Competition can make strange bedfellows.

Inside View: A War Room Can Be Heaven

William A. Brindley, Peter K. Laomea

In the military, a war room is the central collection point for intelligence information about the enemy that needs to be analyzed. Then, after senior officers review analyses of…

Stack Attack: Mergers, Acquisitions, and Alliances

Bristol Voss

Mergers and acquisitions are something that everyone who's been in the business world for more than a few years is extremely, if not intimately, familiar with. But can anyone…

The Last Word: Power

Power is a Jekyll and Hyde sort of thing. It can be the most positive force in the world, or the most negative. We found a number of poets who, if they didn't out and out despise…

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