Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 18 Issue 6


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Crisis Management

Pamela Goett

Some years ago, a nurse was mugged on a New York City subway platform. The thief pulled a very large knife, demanded the nurse's jewelry and handbag, and then brutally shoved her…


Ken Cottrill

Too many American executives are clueless when it comes to business etiquette, and in today's global marketplace they pay a high price for their ignorance, maintains Letitia…


When Microsoft asks, “Where do you want to go today?” most users respond, after looking at the chaos that typifies their computer desktop, “Where the hell am I to begin with?”…

Practical Strategist: Competitive Intelligence Can Be a Bad Investment

Dan Simpson

My management‐fad detector started ringing recently when the Wall Street Journal reported that the business demand for competitive intelligence specialists is rising fast, with…

Theory in Action: Lessons from High‐Tech Companies

Peter S. Cohan

Much of the strategic literature over the past 10 years has urged companies to build their futures on a foundation of core capabilities. But leading high‐technology companies have…


Meryl Davids

The nation's oldest greeting card company remakes itself with a slew of new products sold in entirely new venues.

The Organization Man, DEAD AT 76

A new management philosophy, based on the importance of creativity and individual initiative, is replacing the familiar model that sees the individual as a cog in the corporate…


Harvey Meyer

Companies are redesigning their office space to encourage teamwork and break down hierarchies. But is the open office plan a cultural revolution or just more cost cutting?

Everything Wired Must CONVERGE

Christopher Elliott

The fusion of disparate information systems is creating new clarity for companies, their suppliers, and their customers.


Ken Cottrill

Vendors are taking on ever greater roles in managing their customers' inventory. And when they do, they and their customers benefit.

THE FUTURES OF American Business

Peter Schwartz, Lawrence Wilkinson, Sean Baenen

Four different scenarios of the world a decade from now provide insight into how companies can prepare for an uncertain future.

Underdog: Rapid Refocusing Saves Spyglass—For Now

Christopher Elliott

By all outward appearances, things were looking up for Internet visionary Spyglass Inc. at the end of last year. The software developer had seen its 11th straight profitable…

Stack Attack: Change Change Change

Bristol Voss

“An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come,” noted Victor Hugo. Change is definitely one of those unstoppable concepts. Certainly, no strategist…

The Last Word: Convergence: E Pluribus Unum

The buzzword of the moment applies to a host of fields: media, technology, telecommunications, even European currencies. Convergence—whether of information networks or national…

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