Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 17 Issue 5


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Chaos Is Come Again

Pamela Goett

The “Last Word” for this issue is “chaos.” That's also the first word on countless management gurus' lips these days. Chaos theory, borrowed from the best thinkers in physics, is…


Eastman Chemical's Spanish Composition Eastman Chemical hit on a two‐strategies‐for‐the‐price‐of‐one concept this year when it began training workers for a polyethylene…


Organization Distributed Being From “The Death of Hierarchical Organization” by Patrick B. Marren, senior consultant with the Futures Group. Essay to be included in 1997 Handbook…

Global Enterprise: Conoco's Excellent Russian Adventure

Archie W. Dunham

Since I became Conoco's CEO in January of this year, one of the questions I've been asked most frequently has been: “What do you think will happen in Russia?”

Purchasing: A Supply‐side Strategy

Shashank Kulkarni

Your purchasing department spends 50% to 70% of every company revenue dollar on items from raw materials to services. All the “just‐in‐time,” electronic data interchanges…


Rick Mullin

CEO Michael Bonsignore has the company focused on meeting its goals and keeping its promises. Honeywell may be out of the woods.


Ronald Begley

A new environmental management system is touted as a vaccine against command and control regulation. But does the reality match the hype?

Management: Knowledge Management: A Cultural Evolution

Rick Mullin

Once upon a time, there was a magician's closet. It was filled with all sorts of wonders. The problem was that nobody knew exactly what was in the closet, and anyone brave enough…

Underdog: The Good Fight on the Cote d'Azur

Rick Mullin

Jean‐Louis Horn, manager of industrial development for the Port Authority of Marseilles looks fondly at the Hotel Beauvau, which fronts the original, ancient port. “Many famous…

The Last Word: Chaos

Comic genius and cosmic insight merged when Mel Brooks and Buck Henry pitted Kaos against Control in the 1960s spy send‐up Get Smart. Pardon me, is that your shoe ringing?

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