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With more corporations using the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award as a benchmark, any change in the award's criteria is significant. New for 1995: Money talks. This year's…


Be careful about using the latest buzzwords when communicating with employee groups around the globe. Asian workers, for instance, like to be asked to “align” with the company's…

Ethics: Mary Kay's Foundation

Richard C. Bartlett

I think of ethics in two parts—virtue ethics and obligation ethics. Virtue ethics is a group of enduring, universal values like honesty, caring, respect, loyalty, and fairness…

Strategic Growth: Beating the Odds

Dwight Gertz

Although the U.S. military's recent downsizing hurt financial profits at many businesses catering to service personnel, financial services provider USAA sailed through the period…

Corporate Policy: Accept No Compromises

Harold L. Sirkin, George Stalk

In life, some would say, compromises are inevitable. As consumers, for instance, either we pay top dollar for a tailor‐made suit or we buy off‐the‐rack; either we limit our…


THOMAS FINCK IS SAVORING success. When the oilman‐financier arrived in Dallas two years ago to take the helm of Triton Energy Corp., the company was sitting on one of the biggest…


Bill Kelley

Strategic outsourcing has swept virtually every industry—especially those rightsized down to their core, value‐creating processes. Here's a report from the field.

SMALL BUSINESS REPORTS: Family (Compensation)

When an average company fills a particular job classification, a known salary range exists to compensate the employee. This range of compensation is based upon the person's…

Out‐of‐Pocket: Home on the Range

Keith Elliot Greenberg

After nine years in the Marine Corps, Bill Fello swore to himself that he'd never camp out again. Then, in 1989, a natural disaster forced him to rethink his pledge.

The Last Word: Strategy, II

Strategy. The interpretations keep pouring in.

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