Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 16 Issue 1


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If Guppies Could Fly

Michael Winkleman

There's nothing that gets a magazine editor's heart racing as quickly as a trend. Even on a bimonthly, where breaking news is rarely an issue, finding a trend to hone in on is not…


Accuracy is only part of the planner's mission; the other is knowing what to forecast in the first place. The best way to improve some forecasts, it seems, is to eliminate them.


Every year thousands of doctoral theses and white papers are published; every month tens of thousands of research reports and data‐based projections are released; and every day…

Corporate Strategy: Mission Statements Make Cents

Charles A. Rarick, John Vitton

Few things have been better documented over the past decade than the decline of formal—read big and heavily‐staffed—strategic planning departments. Recently, however, there seems…


Ethics: Do the right thing

Bill Kelley

Despite books, courses, lectures, panels, and a lot of hand wringing, business ethics remains a vague and troublesome area, primarily because no one can quite figure out what it…

Planning Theory: Sun Tzu and Machiavelli On Strategy

Bernard Boar

Why waste time and money on modern consultants when you can go right to the source? Sun Tzu and Machiavelli, those seers of old, had a lot to say on strategic planning, and much…

Horizon Scanning: Opportunities Technology Will Bring by 2005

William H. Gates

Last year more than 25 million personal computers, 15 million fax machines, and nearly as many cellular phones were purchased by businesses and individuals worldwide. They are in…


Betsy Wiesendanger

U.S. corporations spend about $22 billion a year on therapy for employees—including counseling for senior strategists. Here's a look at what this new tool is doing in the…


Rob Cummings

In the past year, S‐K‐I Ltd. has snowballed into the largest ski resort company in North America—under the guiding hand of strategist Hank Lunde. As COO and president, however…

Can We Talk?

MANY BUSINESS OWNERS RELY ON THEIR CPAs FOR ADVICE. IF you're like that, be warned: accountant‐client communications are not protected as confidential. Information you divulge…

Out‐of‐Pocket: Vintner's Victory

Meryl Davids

You're at a restaurant with an important client when the wine steward heads your way. Nervously glancing at a list of more than 50 bottles, you feel sweat forming on your palms…

The Last Word: Lead, Follow, or Part the Red Sea

Every military, political, and religious figure in history—and athletes from Jim “Bright Path” Thorpe to those in our own era—have all had something to say con‐cerning leadership…

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