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A company's increasing global presence, unfortunately, seems to coincide with the increasingly vague role many foreign‐subsidiary managers get to play. Foreign‐subsidiary managers…

When the FiloFax becomes a SiloFax

Sandra McKenzie

Strategists are supposed to be experts in prioritizing, planning, and putting things in perspective. But things go wrong. Projects take longer than expected. Fires flare up…


Rising prices help a company only if they increase margins. If price rises pull costs up at the same time, the company's strategic position is weakened.

Strategic Location: Postcards from the Edge

David A. Heenan

New age technology is obliterating geography. By redistributing economic power around the world, it is creating a footloose economy that permits firms to locate in a variety of…

Implementation: The Case of the Sales‐Driven Company

Jeffrey Schmidt

CEOs and other strategists don't have to be frustrated in their efforts to renew their companies through strategic change. But they do need to pay as close attention to strategy…

Corporate Culture: Matching Internal Operations to Industry Demands

Raymond J. Terlaga, Bridget N. O'Connor

Why do we expect a bank to have ATM machines? And why aren't we surprised when we learn that a government agency is finding it difficult to use its new document management system?


Heather Ogilvie

Tear down the walls. Send your workers home. The company of the future, say the seers at a number of forward‐looking companies. Is not housed in some corporate castle on the hill…


Bruce E. Beebe, Peter J. Kennedy

Sure there's political instability, high inflation, and vast pockets of poverty. But that hasn't stopped planners from putting plenty of American dollars on the line.


Steve Wilson

Long derided, or at least ignored, by North American business, Latin American enterprises have taken adversity, debt, inflation, and political turmoil to heart. The result: some…

Out‐of‐Pocket: The Thrill of the Chase

Rebecca J. Johnson

During a good chase, galloping 35 miles an hour over fences and walls and rapidly changing terrain, globe‐trotting chairman and CEO J. Patrick Michaels pursues his sport as…

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