Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 14 Issue 6


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Basic Instinct

Michael Winkleman

If there's a general theme to almost everything that finds its way into this magazine, it's the increasing responsibility of the strategic planner to assume the role of corporate…


Jason J. Wells

Elected by the board at the end of June to replace John Sculley, Michael Spindler's first 100 days as CEO of Cupertino, California‐based Apple haven't been as easy as pie. Profits…


Survival of the fittest is a law of nature. It applies everywhere but the unnatural world of the American corporation, where the unfit not only survive, but propagate…

Legal Strategy: Are Lawyers Just Overhead?

Stuart M. Gerson

The most important lesson I ever learned with respect to my usual professional role—that of a corporation's litigation counsel—came several years ago. After the favorable…

Pricing: Value Pricing Goes Global

David A. Heenan

Thorstein Veblen would certainly be stunned that less than 100 years after he coined the phrase “conspicuous consumption” there's been a sudden and conspicuous, global‐wide drop…

The Business of America is Jobs

Laurel Touby

After slicing and dicing their way to the '90s, American corporations are finding that job‐cutting is really a double‐edged sword.

Cast Against Type

Meryl Davids

Once Atex owned editorial computing. But arrogance and complacency kept the shop from noticing that the world had changed. By the time it woke up, it was almost too late. But a…


Bristol Voss, Michael Winkleman

For some planners, it seems, the play's the thing.



Jill Vitiello

If reengineering's such a cure‐all, why does it fail more often than not? The answer, say its adherents, lies in how seriously you take its mandate.


Brian Joiner

A company divided misses opportunities, loses profits, and defeats its own best efforts. But seen, analyzed, and fixed as a finely tuned, integrated system, a company can thrive.


Bristol Voss

Reengineering promises to overhaul your organization from bow to stern—even if you have to scrap the vessel to do it. Here's how you can keep your business afloat—and head off a…

Case Study: The Razor's Edge

Joseph Cosco

IT WASN'T SOMEONE'S IDEA OF A PRANK WHEN GTE GAVE THE SENIOR executives of its Telephone Operations new shaving kits a few years back. These were no chintzy Christmas gifts from a…

Out‐of‐Pocket: Road Warriors

Rebecca J. Mickey

Michael Culver leverages his lust for increased competition and high‐speed technology by slipping into the tight cockpit of a Formula Ford. This unique diversion requires intense…

The Last World: Jobs: All the live long day

Jobs: Better jobs. New jobs. Virtual jobs. Any jobs. How do people create them, get them, keep them, or do them? Sometimes it seems as if there really is no rest for the weary…

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